Orion spits in the eye of the Bull tonight

Atmospheric conditions look favorable to watch the gibbous Moon occult Aldebaran tonight – very shortly after 9:30 PM in the S-SW.

After dusk the Moon will be culminating (south and highest for the night) to the right of the “>” of Taurus’ face; further to the left Orion, nearly standing straight up.

By around 9:PM Orion will be culminating and one will notice that the Moon is much nearer the bright red star Aldebaran, the lower-leftmost star of the five making up the “>” arranged about the Moon. It is likely that the Moon will wash out these stars to the eye – but low power binoculars should reveal them.

Shortly after 9:30 the dark edge of the gibbous Moon will cover the red eye of the Bull.

Re-emergence should take place almost an hour later, lower in the WSW –  more difficult to witness because it will be popping out the bright lower edge of the Moon then.

We are in the midst of a season for occultations by the Moon – but I find it rare to actually SEE one – due to a number of encumbrances that can occur (clouds, too low, ridiculous hour, forget, etc.) – hence this bulletin.