Star Calendar Addenda – October 2014

Comet Siding

Comet Siding

Comet Siding Spring approaching Mars – photo from Australia by Damian Peach. Better (bigger) photo at:

Now THAT’S an image with dynamic range!   (NASA’s version is composite.)

The Sun, Oct. 16 – 24, 2014 as sunspot 2192 develops:

Sun Spot 01 Sun Spot 02 Sun Spot 03

Sun Spot 04 Sun Spot 05 Sun Spot 06

Sun Spot 07 Sun Spot 08 Sun Spot 09

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Paul Davis is a former resident of the Threefold Community. He has been a teacher of Celestial Navigation, a Planetarium lecturer, and offered evening Astronomy classes at Sunbridge some years ago. He is now living in New Hampshire.
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